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Jack Dawson President and Creative Director of Tunnel Island Media.

Tunnel Island Media is a full service production house, specializing in creating media content. We produce broadcast TV shows for both online and traditional broadcast stations as well we produce TV commercials, corporate videos and our specialty live webcast streaming. Working in the Broadcast Television industry both in front of and behind the camera since 1994, Founder and President Jack Dawson and his crews have traveled the world, proudly producing 100’s of programing hours for stations across North America! Production is still exciting, Shooting will never get old and it’s what love , however it is who we know and how we can make others experience as enjoyable!


The broadcast industry like most is who you know and we know someone in every field from animation to closed captioning to translation. It’s what we do and who we do it for that makes it easy! With the constant demand for content both in broadcast and on the internet it is only natural that our expertise and passion for quality stands above the rest. We are a company that believes in taking the viewer along with us in every production.   A company that believes in
family and the outdoors a company that will always keep family at its core. Family television, teaching kids about the
outdoors, teaching families to experience the outdoors in various ways... old and new!


“I still believe creating personalities is a strength, furthering loyalty.”

Jack Dawson – Executive Producer and Founder


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